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Remote device management


12Manage: Remote device management 12Manage is Unitech's in-house developed, internet based Device Management system. It will allow 24/7 access to a portal giving instant views on the complete install base of Mobile Computers. This system can manage devices which are located inside 4 walls but together it can also manage devices outside 4 walls. Overviewing a 12Managed device, it will show you the bizz critical parameters supporting a backlog of the past. Bizz critical parameters are Main Battery, CPU Load, Backupbattery Status and Mem load. Remote control of a device or even remote controlling multiple devices from any location making 12Manage slim, straight and at the same time unvaluable Beside managing/maintaining software, 12Manage arranges the devices in logical groups and have logical groups for the applications you want to deploy over the devices. It's skinn-able and tune-able in prompts, logo’s and language. 12Manage is built on open industry standards with no need for proprietary hardware or software to be installed. It only requires an internet connection. Updating quick and easy user applications or even locking down the device are just a few options available in 12Manage reducing the total cost of ownership.   The 12Manage system is one of the many free of cost software solutions, created by Unitech Because we care! Reason's for using 12Manage:   How to use 12Manage: ...

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