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Wireless scanner

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Wireless scanner
MS340B (Bluetooth)
1D BT CCD Scanner

MS340B, Unitech’s latest long range wireless CCD scanner, has been enhanced to provide reliable scanning for rugged applications in field service, industrial production and retail. Featuring industrial and military standards, this affordable wireless scanner delivers unparalleled performance in harsh environments. Durable and Reliable Featuring an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and an impressive 1.5M drop specification to concrete, MS340B is built for durability into business workforce. Moreover, MS340B barcode scanner provides a cost-effective option and it is reliable to be used for long term. Furthermore, it offers multiple interface options: USB, RS232 and USB emulation com port driver. Moreover, enabling iOS Hotkey, you may simply double-click the trigger to toggle the iPhone/iPad Touch Keyboard. With versatile capabilities, MS340B has ability to meet the demands of rigorous work environments. Wireless Ergonomic Design Combining with a comfort grip and ergonomic design, MS340B is easily for holding and flexible to operate in multiple scan types: handheld mode and presentation mode. With upgraded features that MS340B supports BT V2.1 EDR technology and it offers a long range scanning capability up to 100m to improve operator efficiency, it can be used in most practical way depending on the scanning task from retail point-of sale to transportation surroundings. In addition, its flexible hands-free stand provides customers with a convenient way to facilitate MS340B to be hands-free reading. With its auto turn off reading and auto-detect reading, the scanner senses movement as barcodes in front of the lens, and activates the scan engine that extends its lifespan. Superior Data Capture Performance The next generation in 1D scanning, MS340B is equipped with advanced auto-shuttle-emulation smart detection technology that provides a superior data capture performance to boost the scan speed up to 500 scans per second for incredible responsiveness. MS340B also supports maximum compatibility by reading major 1D barcode types including UPC, EAN, ASCII and GS1 DataBar, as well as damaged or poorly printed bar codes. It also built in multiple scanning modes, and its memory capacity can store up to 30,000 EAN13 barcodes. Features ·   Support Class1 BT V2.1 EDR technology, transmission range up to 100m in the line of open sight. ·   Versatile scanning mode, memory capacity can store up to 30,000 EAN13 barcodes ·   Superior data capture performance: up to 500 scans/sec ·    Easily toggle the iPhone/ iPad touch keyboard with iOS Hotkey function. ·   Automatic object detection and scanning ·   Supports Piconet up to 8 to 1 ·   Available to read most 1D barcode types ·   Multi-interface Communication : USB, RS232 and USB emulation com port driver

MS84x ESD (Wireless)
1D or 2D electrostatic discharger scanner

ESD Protection Like the Unitech MS840/MS842 line, the MS84x ESD (Electrostatic discharger) laser or imager is a high performance device but additional designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. Constructed with conductive materials the MS84x ESD is a versatile scanner to eliminate the build up of dangerous static charge on the scanner, as well as to drain the charge on another object with which it comes in contact. It is a reliable tool to streamline your workflow in manufacturing environments. Ergonomic, Durable Design The rugged MS84x ESD not only offers superior extended range performance and versatility for scan-intensive industrial applications, but also it can withstand multiple 1.8-meter drops to concrete. As one of the strongest scanners in its class, the MS84x ESD has an IP42 rating, safeguarding it from moisture and dust, and is capable of operating in diverse applications including retail, industrial and commercial services. Easy to Use The MS84x ESD supports USB or wireless connectivity. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS84x ESD is easy to install and operate with simple connecting the scanner to the host device. Moreover, User-friendly cable replacement capability minimizes downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership. MS84x ESD is available in 1D laser or 2D imager (wired or wireless). Features • ESD Coated Housing • High-performance laser engineered decoder • Supports 1D or 2D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort • Multiple scanning modes • Louder beeper for noisy environment operation • 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test • IP42-rated

MS840P (Wireless)
1D Wireless Linear Lader Scanner

Simply go wireless The MS840P is the toughest and best performance wireless scanner in its class. Unbeatable in price, this barcode scanner offers all features you need and which you would like to have. Replace your corded scanners for industry’s best value for money or start with the best wireless scanner you can possibly choose. Simplicity The MS840P offers simplicity at its highest level. Even first time users will be using this scanner as if they are working with barcode scanners for many years. The plug and play design makes it very simple to set up and integrate the MS840P quickly in every business surrounding. During scanning tasks the MS840P will store data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, uploading data when it gets back in range. The confirmation of simplicity, in every possible way. MS840 range Like all scanners within the MS840-product-series, the MS840P has an ergonomic design for maximum user comfort. This allows users to easily perform tasks like taking inventory, processing a speedy checkout and administering correct medication. Of course the MS840P has also been certified with an IP42 and 1.8m drop spec to ensure durability for every application. Are you convinced yet? Time to go wireless, for a corded price! Main features: • High speed Mantis decoder • Long life trigger design • 2.4G for wireless communication - 10m line of sight • Plug and Play USB dongle receiver • Memory function when out of range • Cradle for charging or to host dongle receiver and scanner  

MS840BT (Bluetooth)
1D Linear laser

Searching for the best of the best in scanning devices? The MS840BT has it all! This scanner combines all high quality features which you can find only in separate devices and offers a mind blowing solution for a great price. Choose only the best. Choose MS840BT. High performance The Unitech MS840BT wireless laser scanner is enriched with a high-speed Mantis decoder and a powerful scan engine to optimize data capture efficiency. With 100 scans per second and an operating time of more than 10 hours the MS840BT will last for a complete working day without interruption. Providing different configuration capabilities (USB, RS232 and PS2), creating a connection is convenient with the MS840BT. This scanner also supports HID and SPP protocol, allowing users to connect to a PC, PDA or tablet directly without the need of a cradle. Combine these features with the multi point-to-point function, allowing 3 guns to transmit and secure data to one cradle, and you’ll be convinced it’s a complete and future proof device! Able to withstand multiple 1.8 meter drops to concrete and IP42 sealing against water and dust, the MS840BT can maintain its high performance in any environment. With a wide range of high quality features this wireless scanner is a perfect fit for industries like retail, light warehousing and sales automation. Flexibility & productivity With the ability to scan up to 100 meters from the base station the MS840BT provides the greatest flexibility and productivity for users. Due to the wireless design users can move without restrictions for real-time data connection, while maintaining comfort over long periods of use. The MS840BT stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, uploading the data when it gets back in range. Ideal for various applications, for instance: dispatching, document tracking and tablet scanning. Endless convenience The MS840BT is easy to operate. With a cradle that can mount to a desk or wall, a long life trigger design and page calling for scanner tracking, the MS840 BT provides endless convenience and ease-of-use. While lowering the overall investment cost you can do more for your business!     (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Main features • Bluetooth Class 1 (up to 100m) • Pager function • Virtual COM port and Human Interface port (SPP, HID) • Connect directly (without cradle) to tablets, POS, etc. • Memory function when out of range • Charge the scanner without cradle • Wall mount cradle available • One cradle supports up to 3 scanners   More info or special questions/requests? > Contact us by e-mail  Follow @UnitechEu !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); > Have a Unitech Territory Manager contact me!   > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292  

MS842P (Wireless)
2D Area imager - Wireless barcode Scanner

Experience the freedom of wireless scanning with the Unitech MS842P (wireless version of the new MS842 series) high-performance barcode scanner. Like all MS842 series models the MS842P supports all common 1D and 2D barcodes and high-density barcodes with the HD option. With the integrated 2.4G mobility and its ergonomic design the MS842P offers great comfort and freedom to move around without being disturbed during any scanning tasks. Mobility, durability and reliability With the ability to scan up to 10m via its USB dongle the MS842P provides flexibility and productivity for users. Unitech’s MS842P is a great solution for your short wireless scanning needs such as retail store inventory management or extended flexibility in warehouse checkout counters. The MS842P stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal and uploads this data when it gets back in range. The Plug and Play design makes it very easy to setup and integrated the MS842P for any business surrounding. Great 2D scanning solution With the seamless integration of a high-performance decoder and scan engine, the MS842P is a great tool to improve productivity for a wide range of markets and applications. No doubt Unitech’s MS84P provides one of the most efficient scanning solutions in its class. . Main features ‧ Built in high performance 2D engine & decoder ‧ Optional HD reader ‧ Durable, Compact and Long life trigger design ‧ Trigger mode, continuous mode and presentation mode ‧ 2.4G mobility wireless design - 10m operation range ‧ Buffer mode when out of range ‧ Easy Plug and Play USB dongle receiver ‧ Cradle for charging or to host dongle receiver and scanner ‧ Rugged design by IP42 and 1.8m drops   Available versions ‧ Standard (SR) version ‧ High density (HD) version       More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope   Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype