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Product News
  • 11
  • Jul
  • 2019
  • Unitech now offers RFID tech in familiar hardware

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    ‧Product News

    We are pleased to introduce our new RFID tagging device: HT510A UHF.

    With the increasing demand for RFID tagging technology, Unitech now offers such a device in familiar packaging. Stemming from our old HT682, the hardware and software has been updated to modern 2019 standard. The HT510A and HT510A UHF are 1D/2D and RFID compatible devices with physical keypad for even the most rugged working environments.

    The HT510A: One-handed operation, double the effiency.
    The Unitech HT510A is designed for mobile workers with one-handed data collection needs. It features an easy-to-operate, large-button design with bar code and RFID data collection that makes it easy for users to get the job information they need. Goods can also be used to carry out data collection work, so that the processing of work information becomes more efficient. The HT510A uses the Android 7.0 operating system and also has a wide range of wireless transmission interfaces, allowing enterprises to develop applications or connect to the back-end host to make the database easier, more immediate and more accurate, allowing enterprises to save a lot of cost and manpower development. Unitech HT510A has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and drop resistant. It can be used in demanding environment of enterprise environment. At the same time, it has a variety of accessories design. Enterprises can choose suitable fittings according to their needs, so as to facilitate the convenience and improvement of use. Work efficiency, HT510A is definitely the best choice for corporate mobility.

    The HT510A comes as standard with charding cradle and hand strap. The HT510A UHF comes as a all-in-one solution, right out the box, including a gun grip, charging cradle, stylus and wrist strap.

    Find out more now or contact your local Unitech representative for full details!