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  • 30
  • Jul
  • 2007
  • Unitech Adopts Oracle Embedded Software to Promote Innovation on Mobile Computing Devices.

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    Unitech, the third largest worldwide manufacturer of rugged PDAs, has signed a license agreement that will enable it to offer Oracle Database Lite and Oracle Sensor Edge Mobile on its range of mobile computing devices.

    Under the license, Unitech will offer partners Oracle Database Lite on its PDA, handheld and RFID devices including the PA982, PA96X range, PA600, PA500, HT660 and RH767 devices, and Oracle Sensor Edge Mobile on the RFID enabled RH767.

    By adding Oracle’s world-class enterprise technology to its increasingly popular range of devices, Unitech is enabling its channel partners to offer their customers the power of grid computing for their mobile workforce applications, thereby reducing the design and development cycle and the time to market for solutions.

    Unitech’s enhanced mobile devices will become an even more attractive and cost effective option for end users. This includes Mobile Manager remote device management that enables all devices to be administered from a single web based console. With remote identity management, the ability to restrict end users accessing and modifying data, and remote centralised software provisioning, an enterprise can run mobile applications on Unitech devices smoothly anytime, anywhere with minimal disruption.

    In addition, remote devices can synchronise with Oracle databases regardless of the network quality and coverage. An advanced recovery system resumes synchronisation from the last assigned checkpoint when a signal becomes available, so time is not lost replicating files.

    The agreement has also enabled Unitech to create an end to end RFID solution by adding Oracle Sensor Edge Mobile to the RFID enabled RH767, creating a direct link to Oracle Sensor Edge Server. This makes RFID solutions an affordable reality for businesses by eliminating the need to roll out expensive new IT infrastructure to support RFID applications. For Unitech partners, this opens up new opportunities to propose competitive, cost effective RFID solutions with very short deployment timescales for customers that are already using Oracle technology.

    When asked about the license agreement, Judy Huang, Market Communication & Development Manager for Unitech said “Unitech is committed to adding value to its channel partners through its terminals. By adding Oracle’s industry leading technology and applications on its mobile computing products, Unitech is helping to create more competitive solutions with a shorter time to market and improved integration and communication flexibility.”