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  • 14
  • Apr
  • 2011
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    Unitech introduces HT660e: Mobility and productivity

    Tilburg (The Netherlands), April 11th 2011 – Unitech, producer of rugged mobile computing products, today announces the launch of the HT660e. The HT660e offers just that what is needed in a modern day data collection environment. Based on the successful platform of its predecessor, HT660e is now ready to take your applications one step further.

    “The HT660e is designed to bring latest technology to enterprises of all sizes, without having to make heavy hardware investments,” says Jeffrey Huang, Managing Director of Unitech Europe. “This handheld computer is an ideal step up for companies who have deployed DOS-based terminals and now are seeking for replacement or upgrade. He continues: “We care about users' voices. HT660e offers users much more value such as CE6.0, wireless connectivity and optional gun-grip. All at proximity cost as of a DOS terminal. Thanks to the free of charge bundled application generator (JGPe), system development is easy and practically effortless. The ROI rate that HT660e is offering is something other competition only can dream of.”

    Optimize all your data collection applications
    The HT660e is developed for single or two-handed operation in warehousing, retail and transport and logistics sectors. For scan intensive applications in for example warehousing there is an optional gun grip available. This gun grip is field installable so users are not obliged to stick with one configuration of the HT660e. This flexibility makes the HT660e a multi-purpose device for many different applications in its target markets. With its WiFi radio the HT660e offers huge benefits when it comes to the speedy sharing of collected data. Update both internal and external customers instantly on the status of deliveries, orders and stock levels. Mobile printers or other third party hardware can be easily connected by utilizing the Bluetooth connection. Employee productivity and accuracy will improve by enabling printing on-site and on-demand or when connecting a wireless RFID reader. HT660e is your future-proof handheld terminal. Professionals that have their applications designed to a DOS terminal can realize a new momentum in the lifetime and competitiveness of their application by switching to Windows CE6.0.

    Developing is easy... for everyone!
    HT660e comes with JobGenPlusEmbedded (JGPe) – a powerful Windows-based application generator with an intuitive drag and drop, point and click style of programming that enables applications to be developed and deployed with little or no programming knowledge. If you are currently using JobGenPlus with the Unitech HT630, your code is compatible with JGPe. This cross compatibility makes upgrades easy. The additional software and solutions make the HT660e Unitech’s out of the box solution, delivered to customers ready to use, ready to optimize businesses.

    Main features
    Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 R3 – supports rich applications and user interfaces
    667MHz Samsung 6410 CPU – to run applications smoothly
    2.8 inch QVGA backlit colour touch screen – allows good reading feedback
    Backlit 37-key alphanumeric keypad – smooth manual data entry
    802.11 b/g – up to date information anytime, anywhere
    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR – bring extra mobility with a mobile printer
    Integrated laser scanner – quickly collect data of incoming and outgoing goods
    Field installable gun grip (optional) – extra efficiency in scan intensive applications
    IP54-rated against water and dust – delivers the TCO needed in touch situations
    1.5m (5feet) drop threshold to concrete – no worries with accidental drops
    SDHC expansion slot – provides extra storage when needed
    USB/Modem/Ethernet cradle – synchronize and charge at calm moments
    JGPe application development tool – even rookies can program

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