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Product News
  • 11
  • Aug
  • 2011
  • See more with PA690's unique screen feature

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    See more with PA690’s unique screen feature Unitech Europe, manufacturer of rugged mobility solutions, announces the introduction of its latest industrial grade PDA: PA690. Encompassing a unique screen feature and all the latest wireless technologies this PDA is ready to assist mobile workers in any type of business.

    Screen size does matter!
    Unlike the industry’s standard touch screens of today, PA690 offers a large 3.8’’ Wide VGA outdoor LCD. This brings huge user benefits; order taking in restaurants has never been so easy and straightforward. As well, PA690 can show the mobile worker both the latest customer data as well as route directions to the point of service, in one single screen view. “Today’s market is flooded with standard screen sizes of 2.8’’ or 3.5’’. The choice for brand A or brand B is more an emotional choice than a rational choice. We had many requests from users that would like a larger screen but without harming the unique form factor of a PDA,” said Jeffrey Huang, Managing Director of Unitech Europe. “The PA690 perfectly answers to this specific need to see more in one single screen view”.

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