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  • 15
  • Apr
  • 2013
  • New 2D scanners: Unitech MS842 and MS842e

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    Today we are pleased to announce our brand new all-round scanners: Unitech MS842 and MS842e (economic).

    The all-in-one MS842 series combine efficiency, durability and reliability into a compact, lightweight handheld scanner. Supporting all common 1D and 2D barcodes, the MS842 series can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications! Even the smallest high-density barcodes like on medicine packaging are fully supported with the Unitech MS842 HD option!

    Looking for a great 2D scanner that fits your needs and budget?
    Unitech offers the MS842e economic version within the NEW MS842 series. This scanner provides performance and reliability whenever it is used. A great performance at a great price!
    • - Durable, ergonomic and rugged design
    • - Great engine and decoder
    • - 1D, 2D and optional HD reader
    • - Usable within a wide range of markets
    • - Very user friendly scanner
    • - Lightweight only 210 grams
    • - Robust design: IP42 and 1.8 drop spec. and long trigger design

    >> Read more about the Unitech MS842e handheld scanner.

    Looking for an ultimate 2D scanner that fits your needs and combines the best?  
    Unitech's extended MS842 version provides one of the most efficient scanning solutions in its class. 
    • - Auto-sensing mode for or energy saving and hands-free operation
    • - Comfort and flexibility: trigger mode and presentation mode
    • - High quality scanner with a laser based Aiming Beam (Laser cross line)
    • - Better scan angle
    • - Faster scanning and decoding
    • - and more...

    >> Read more about the Unitech MS842 handheld scanner.