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  • 09
  • Aug
  • 2013
  • Kalipso V3.6 supports Unitech‘s Android based TB100 Enterprise Tablet

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    Unitech‘s Android based TB100 tablet is now supported by the newest 3.6 version of Sysdev’s Kalipso Mobile Application Generator. Unitech’s current partners already have experienced the benefits and strengths with Unitech’s Mobile devices (Windows operation systems) and Kalipso’s ease-of-use Mobile Application Generator.

    Unitech and Sysdev Mobile Computing are taking advantage of current enterprise tablet market because they understand the need for smooth and reliable data flows. Therefore we proudly announce the inclusion of Unitech’s rugged TB100 Tablet PC to Sysdev’s list of officially supported devices. It is time to optimize and customize your business mobility needs.

    Ultimate flexibility
    The mobile data collection market now has an opportunity to review their current mobile data applications and design new ones that are more attractive to their business needs. The large list of the TB100’s unique features combined with the newest V3.6 Mobile Application Generator makes the TB100 experience even more enjoyable, such as:

    Ease of use:
    Easily and conveniently operate your Kalispo application on the large and rugged TB100 screen. Move easy through your applications without worrying about the screen display limitations or input failure. The ideal tool to manage your inventory. With its high resolution and rich colors display you can turn your TB100 into a full-featured sales and presentation tool. For example an interactive and multimedia presentation of products and services for your sale force.
    You can easy transfer your real-time data fast and secure with the many connection options the TB100 supports. With the 3.75G connection your field engineer can easily connect to the Internet, check his work schedule and maintain his calendar while traveling between customers.
    Outside or working in the field? The integrated GPS of the TB100 provides an accurate position. Ideal for route guidance to a customer and location tracking to import your location information directly into your application to keep your back office informed.
    Manage your Kalipso business applications easy with Unitech’s 12Manage (Remote Device Management system).

    About Unitech
    Unitech Europe is located in Tilburg, The Netherlands, since 1999. From this location Unitech’s products are distributed throughout Europe and Africa. Because of this local service in the fields of sales, marketing and technical support Unitech Europe is capable to react quickly and effectively to customers and potential partner’s questions and needs. Our wide range of rugged tablets, mobile computers, scanners, RFID readers, fixed mount terminals and business solution packages (SRD) bring value in various industries and environments such as: retail, hospitality, healthcare, sales automation, field service, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing.

    About Sysdev Mobile Computing

    Sysdev Mobile Computing is a company with extensive knowledge and experience in application development in the area of mobility. Its broad base of clients and partners is an excellent indicator of the global acceptance and implementation of their products. Having customers in over 40 countries Sysdev is a company with a global culture. With an annual growth of over 20% in the last 3 years Sysdev has positioned itself firmly in the top of suppliers of RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tools in the Auto ID market.

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