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Product News
  • 31
  • Oct
  • 2013
  • HT630 is the Best Handheld Computer for Entry-Level Users
  • ‧EN - North America

    ‧Product News

    All Barcode Systems has published an excellent in-depth look at our HT630, the best handheld computer for entry-level users. 

    Easy and Affordable

    Simply put, the HT630 accomplishes everything a handheld computer is supposed to do with a no-frills approach. 

    The HT630 features a rugged construction, meaning it is protected from dust and moisture. It can withstand repeated falls to concrete of up to 4 feet. This device will last you a very long time, making it an excellent investment. 

    Instead of operating on Windows, like the rest of the handheld computers out there in the market, the HT630 retains a DOS operating system. DOS is much more accessible and easy to use. Windows devices have graphics and more advanced features, but many users crave simplicity. 

    The HT630 has all of the essentials without a cumbersome interface. To learn more about our entry-level handheld computer and its smooth learning curve, read the All Barcode System's HT630 guide here

    Remember, the HT630 is on sale this season, along with all of our handheld computers and wireless barcode scanners.