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  • 25
  • Aug
  • 2016
  • MS916 Bluetooth Companion Scanner Enjoys New Low Price

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    Great news for fans of the ultra-portable pocket scanner–our MS916 has been priced down!

    As a technology manufacturer, we're always looking for ways to cut costs and pass them off to our customers. The MS916 is no exception. 


    The MS916 is a revolutionary new Bluetooth companion scanner with a 1-inch accuracy window. The screen allows you to scan data without referencing a smartphone. Busy mobile workers don't need the clutter of two devices, so the MS916 does both jobs!  


    Keep your smartphone or rugged handheld computer in your pocket and confirm each and every scan. After you scan a barcode, the MS916 will show the data right on the screen, and even vibrate to confirm a good read.  


    The screen also allows the MS916 to go above and beyond the duty of a Bluetooth companion scanner and run basic software.  


    You can program the MS916 to enter a quantity after scanning a barcode. For example, when scanning a box of tissues, you can use the buttons and the screen to tally the amount after scanning. 


    Your business can also embed a Lookup table onto the device. When scanning, the screen will tell you if the item scanned is located in the table or not. This can help a warehouse pick out inventory quickly and accurately.  


    The sophisticated software on this tiny scanner can also operate an easy barcode compare application. Simply select the "master" barcode and start scanning. The accuracy window will let you know when you find a match! 


    The best part is you can utilize all these features without a Bluetooth connection. You can simply switch to "Batch mode" and collect data in the field or in a warehouse for later export. When you're ready to upload your data to a phone or computer, simply export through a Bluetooth connection (with easy push-to-pair) or through the USB cable.  


    The new MS916 is now $20 cheaper for all our customers. Your savings add up when assembling your fleet for your mobile workers.  


    Don’t mind carrying around your smartphone? Check out the tiny MS910 and MS912 Bluetooth companion scanners. For reading off screens and reading 2D and QR codes, we've designed the ergonomic MS920 barcode scanner. Our line of pocket scanners can help any business enhance their data collection experience.