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  • 30
  • Aug
  • 2016
  • 4 Reasons Why You Want a Screen on Your Pocket Scanner

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    Bluetooth companion scanners have been around for years now. Unitech released its first Bluetooth companion scanner back in 2013–the truly tiny MS910. Customers continue to appreciate the light form factor and accessible price.

    Fast forward to 2016 and customers crave a more sophisticated kind of pocket scanner. They want push-to-pair to save time in the field. They want data formatting to easily configure the way they process barcodes. And they want their companion scanner to bring more to the table, software-wise. A screen can help facilitate all of this.

    1. Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

    Many mobile workers in field service already carry a handheld around to get the job done. In this scenario, a pocket scanner is a convenient add-on, an easy way to integrate barcode scanning into their routines.

    However, many tasks do not require a second device. A mobile worker may carry a smartphone around simply to visually confirm a scan, or to delete data.

    A screen makes that unnecessary. With the MS916 you can double-check every scan, delete data, and even enter quantity, all without the extra bulk of another device.

    2. Easier Pairing

    Follow the commands on the screen for quick pairing on-the-go. There's no need to carry around a barcode sheet or scan anything to pair your scanner to a new device in the field.

    3. Forget About the Bluetooth Range

    If you have a screen there's no need to stay connected to your host device. For one, the MS916 already has 2 MB of memory.  You can store data right on the scanner to export later (via Bluetooth or USB cable); simply scan one barcode to switch the device to "Batch Mode."

    And as we've already discussed, you don’t need to keep glancing at a phone or spreadsheet to ensure your scans are going through. The MS916 has a "good read" vibration in addition to the beep, so you can get confirmation even in loud environments.

    4. Open the Door to Software Development

    A flexible hardware provider like Unitech can help you get more out of your barcoding investment. We can help you program your MS916 to truly take advantage of the one-inch screen.

    The MS916 supports Barcode Compare, an app where a designated "master barcode" is compared to the barcodes you scan. The screen then indicates whether or not the item matches the "master." You can also embed a Lookup table onto your device and easily determine what inventory is part of your table and which is not.