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Press Review
  • 04
  • Mar
  • 2016
  • Unitech Technology Now GSA Certified

    ‧EN - North America


    CYPRESS, California–March 4, 2016–Unitech America is now a GSA Schedule contract holder for the first time in the company’s history. The federal government can now procure cutting-edge Unitech data collection technology. Flagship products such as the PA700 Android handheld computer and the pocket scanner series are now available for government purchase through Unitech’s valued partner, Synnex Corporation.

    When pursuing government projects, Unitech America and Synnex will place a special emphasis on rugged computing. “One of the opportunities we’re most excited about here is our military-grade technology,” said Brian Silence, North America Sales Manager. “Our scanning technology is certainly tough enough for a wide variety of government applications.” The military-grade TB120 Android tablet (MIL Standard 810G) is a great example of unique technology that is field-ready, with its physical keyboard and integrated scan engine.
    Unitech will draw from over 30 years of experience working in the public sector to ensure the success of new government projects. Unitech is quick to ensure FIPS compliance on any mobile device for organizations that require a high level of security. Unitech removes the radio, Bluetooth capability, and camera in-house in California for orders of any quantity.
    Aside from customizing low quantity orders to enhance security, Unitech has a rich history working with partners across the country to provide innovative solutions in education, voting, and public safety.
    Unitech barcode scanners are used in school libraries for checking in and checking out materials. A contact scanner like the MS250 is a budget-friendly way to scan library barcodes.
    Magnetic stripe readers are also used in schools to track students by reading their school identification cards.  
    The demand for 2D scanning continues to grow in the public sector. The public sector can easily benefit from 2D scanning technology. Unitech helps police departments decode the information packed into driver’s licenses and state IDs. Unitech mounts the hands-free FC75 onto police vehicles for this purpose.
    A classic gun-grip style barcode scanner such as the MS842P also reads IDs. In the voting booth, this device is used to verify identities and scan ballots to maximize accuracy.
    Unitech America looks forward to the opportunities a GSA certification lends to its diverse catalog of scanning technology.
    For more information regarding Unitech’s new GSA certification please contact or fill out an inquiry form here.