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Press Review
  • 22
  • Jul
  • 2016
  • Unitech Technology First to Be Certified For Android Version of IntelliTrack Stratus

    ‧EN - North America


    IntelliTrack Inc. and Unitech America Inc. announce the official certification of the new Stratus Mobile Inventory App on Unitech’s PA700 and PA692A rugged handheld computers.

    Cypress, California, USA—July 22, 2016—IntelliTrack Inc., an industry leader in cloud based inventory software, has released Stratus Mobile for Android on the Unitech PA700 and PA692A. The Android app facilitates total control of company inventory in a small to mid-sized business.

    The Android app for Stratus Mobile, coupled with Unitech’s rugged handheld computers and the Stratus desktop application, offers customers a powerful, yet easy to use cloud-based inventory control solution.

    Customers can use Stratus Mobile for Android with their IntelliTrack Stratus account to track and manage consumable material while on the move around one or several work sites. The rugged PA700 and PA692A handheld computers are the first to be certified on the Android version of Stratus Mobile. With responsive and damage-resistant touchscreens, both handhelds give businesses the convenience of a smartphone and the performance of a traditional mobile computer.

    IntelliTrack Stratus offers a comprehensive mix of features that can solve several different inventory control scenarios. Everything from an entry-level warehouse operation, to an online retail business, to an industrial tool room, can benefit from the different Stratus products that IntelliTrack offers: StratusISRP, StratusStockroom, StratusInventory, StratusAssets and StratusCheckout.

    Unitech’s cutting-edge devices, loaded with the Android version of Stratus Mobile allow employees to input and access real-time data anywhere. They will know the amount and details of product received, when and where it is located (or moved to) and what internal or external customers or departments ultimately consume the inventory.

    “The fact that there is a shared high-value/low-cost proposition for both Unitech’s Android devices and IntelliTrack’s Stratus inventory control software made it clear that both of our companies should work closely together to better serve the marketplace. This shared vision is what motivated us at IntelliTrack to develop our Stratus Mobile Android App for Unitech’s devices” said Ron Pawlowski, COO of IntelliTrack.

    Unitech’s PA700 and PA692A were developed with the stockroom in mind. Sealed against dust and moisture and protected against falls and extreme temperatures, the rugged Android handhelds are built to last. Heavy-duty processors and integrated barcode scanners and keypads provide all the tools required to get the job done.

    “The Intellitrack Stratus app takes our rugged Android line to the next level” said Brian Silence, Director of Business Development for Unitech America. “Packaged together it’s an unbeatable combination of affordability and value. It’s sure to make a tangible difference in the tracking of key inventory, helping businesses stock and sell smarter.”

    The IntelliTrack Stratus Android app immediately proves its worth with increased productivity and efficiency, inventory visibility, and reorder alerts. The result is greater profitability in the longer term and immediate customer satisfaction. An investment in rugged computing avoids the long-term costs of screen replacements and constant repairs.

    INTELLITRACK is an international leader in providing affordable, intuitive inventory management software. With more than 25 years corporate experience in designing, installing and supporting barcode and RFID technology, IntelliTrack professionals are adept at addressing emerging needs for managing inventory in increasingly complex supply chains. The Android app for IntelliTrack Stratus software is just the latest in the company’s technology responses to an industry need. Visit then at

    UNITECH AMERICA is a global provider of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology with over 30 years o experience that manufactures budget-conscious soltuions for enterprises everywhere. Unitech’s mastery of market trends is evident in its high-quality products–a diverse catalog of barcode scanners, rugged mobile computers, slot readers, and much more. Visit them at

    Key Contacts:

    IntelliTrack, Inc. Sparks, MD 21152
    Contact Person: Ron Pawlowski
    Contact Position: COO
    Industry: Computer software
    Phone: 1-888-583-3008

    Unitech America, Inc.
    Cypress, CA 90630
    Press Contact: Xanat Hernandez
    Phone: 1 (800) 861-8648