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Сканер штрих кода

Wireless (BT) Pocket Laser Scanner

The new MS916 Wireless Pocket Laser Scanner is part of Unitech’s latest generation of advanced handheld barcode readers. This pocket-sized scanner offers several outstanding features. ​The MS916 series is really versatile and has a wide range of potential applications: • Retail and government workers can use the MS916 in a wide variety of applications such as access control, logistics, ticketing and other field service activities. • Pharmacy and medical store staff can employ the MS916 for medication inventory and warehousing. • The MS916 barcode scanner can be used for account management or as a personal identification device. • Courier services can employ the MS916 for proof of delivery functions. Wherever the MS916 is employed, it is bound to make data transmission smoother and more efficient. High Precision The MS916 features a high performance laser engine, which provides outstanding scanning performance up to 104 scans per second. The result is the ability to scan, capture and transmit even lower quality barcodes at high resolution. Equipped with a 650 nm visible laser diode, the MS916 can read and capture 1D barcode data, including GS1 data barcode up to 4-mil resolution. Designed specifically for mobile users and business professionals, the MS916 is a lightweight stylish design that slips easily into the average-sized pockets. Measuring just 36.9 x 95.9 x 21.1mm, it offers users a high degree of portability and versatility. Durability The solidly constructed MS916 (IP42) has been built to withstand mechanical shock. Able to withstand multiple 1.5 meter drops to concrete, the MS916 can maintain its performance and remains unaffected by the impact. Ruggedly designed, field-tested, durable and reliable, the MS916 can operate in temperatures ranging anywhere from 50°C all the way down to 0°C. Simplicity of use The MS916 provides mobile workers a user-friendly three-button operation that is very easy to use and requiring no special training. Its bright 1-inch OLED display is easy to read and provides feedback of the scanned information to reduce errors. This scanner supports real-time data transmission and the 128 x 64 resolution display makes it easy for the user to configure the scanner. Through its wireless technology, the MS916 connects quickly and easily to virtually any laptop, tablet or smart phone (Windows, Android or Apple iOS). The MS916 can operate at distances up to 30-feet in open space. Adding to its versatility, the MS916 also allows you to charge its built-in lithium-ion battery through any standard USB port. A 1-slot or 5-slot charging cradle is an optional accessory. The battery is fully charged within three hours. The unit comes standard with a strap and a micro USB-to-USB cable. Additionally, the MS916 has a flash memory storage capacity of 2MB, making data loss extremely unlikely, even when it is out of range of the wireless signal. This allows mobile users to complete long tasks without interruption. At the rate of one scan every five seconds, the battery will last 8 hours on a single charge. Features • Stylish, lightweight, pocket-sized, wireless design • Easy-to-use, user-friendly design with high-performance laser engine • Supports all 1D barcode data, including GS1 data barcodes, at up to 4 mil resolution 104 scans/sec • Bright, easy-to-read 1-inch OLED display • Built-in Li-ion battery recharges through any standard USB connection • Windows, Android and Apple compatible • Easy to integrate with smart phones, tablets and laptops • Rugged design that meets the 1.5 meter drop threshold; IP42-rated • Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, Class 2, & HID/SPP support  

2D Wireless barcode Scanner

Experience the freedom of wireless scanning with the Unitech MS842P (wireless version of the new MS842 series) high-performance barcode scanner. Like all MS842 series models the MS842P supports all common 1D and 2D barcodes and high-density barcodes with the HD option. With the integrated 2.4G mobility and its ergonomic design the MS842P offers great comfort and freedom to move around without being disturbed during any scanning tasks. Mobility, durability and reliability With the ability to scan up to 10m via its USB dongle the MS842P provides flexibility and productivity for users. Unitech’s MS842P is a great solution for your short wireless scanning needs such as retail store inventory management or extended flexibility in warehouse checkout counters. The MS842P stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal and uploads this data when it gets back in range. The Plug and Play design makes it very easy to setup and integrated the MS842P for any business surrounding. Great 2D scanning solution With the seamless integration of a high-performance decoder and scan engine, the MS842P is a great tool to improve productivity for a wide range of markets and applications. No doubt Unitech’s MS84P provides one of the most efficient scanning solutions in its class. . Main features ‧ Built in high performance 2D engine & decoder ‧ Optional HD reader ‧ Durable, Compact and Long life trigger design ‧ Trigger mode, continuous mode and presentation mode ‧ 2.4G mobility wireless design - 10m operation range ‧ Buffer mode when out of range ‧ Easy Plug and Play USB dongle receiver ‧ Cradle for charging or to host dongle receiver and scanner ‧ Rugged design by IP42 and 1.8m drops   Available versions ‧ Standard (SR) version ‧ High density (HD) version     More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype