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Adding software value
12Solutions - Unitech's Software Solutions

12Solutions Unitechs in-house developed solutions are called 12Solutions, providing great enhancements to user experience and management needs. 12Solutions are designed and created by qualified Unitech software engineers and reduce your software integration costs. 12Solutions are available free of charge and increase your value offering to end users. Overview of some of Unitech's 12Solutions with short explanation: 12StayConnected - Provides an "always Wi-Fi connection"   The Unitech 12StayConnected utility is specially designed to improve efficiency and productivity, without losing valuable time. This implies, the application will allow the device to turn into Sleep Mode without closing the Wi-Fi connection and leaving this mode without reconnection time. This will increase the customer usability because they will be able to continue their working process without being interrupted.     12Browse - Internet locking functionality   12Browse is a kiosk-mode internet browser. It is ideal for web-based applications offering more secured operation and limited browser exit options. Workers will focus on their job and nothing else.     12Monitor - Customized desktop functionality   By replacing the desktop of your terminal, operators are kept away from the terminal system. It allows you to glue application modules into one single main menu, simplifying and easing development and user experience.     12HideStart - User access limiting   12HideStart hide the Windows Start button from WM6.5, preventing access to the OS. 12Hidestart is mostly combined with 12Monitor in the case where one calls a standard windows application from 12Monitor.     12Capture - Screen shot captures   To assist and speed up error reporting, 12Capture allows the operator to make screen shots. This supports the creation of documents and guidelines of how to use the device, saving  valuable time and money.     12Note - Data file editing   12Note offers the opportunity to edit and save TXT, LOG, INI and CSV files. Perfect for when small errors in data are detected that needs to be changed. With 12Note issues are solved quickly with only little interruption on the end user side.     JGPe - Uplift DOS-based applications   Uplift your current DOS-based applications for Windows Embedded devices.     12Connect-PowerSave - Set of small applications   Within the 12Connect range, PowerSave is a set of small applications to instantly turn-off or turn-on radio modules in any Unitech Windows based device, and therefore conserve power consumption and extend the practical operating time. As an example Wi-FiOFF can be executed within Auto Installer to disable the W-iFi if a application/device is merely using WAN connection. The set of applications also allow software developers to just call the executable without the need to concern the underlying code.     12Shoot - Control image settings   Ensure high quality capturing of proof of condition, cross selling opportunity or any other situation. 12Shoot helps with camera settings such as flash for when you want to make a high quality photo or video.     12KnowWhere - Device proximity locations   This GPS-solution shows the current device location on Google maps and GPS receiver information such as number of satellites in sight. When only a mobile network is available and no GPS, this tool can provide proximity locations of devices in the field.     12FTP - FTP client   As the name indicates, 12FTP is a full mobile FTP client.     12Connect - Wireless radio management   12Connect provides you full control over the wireless radio from within your own software solution. Realize power savings to keep workers in the field as long as possible. The end user doesn’t have to do any configuration; he can focus on his core business.     12Lock - User access limiting   There are situations that you want to lock certain features of a device. 12Lock offers you the opportunity to lock a keypad and screen from being used by an operator, for instance during software maintenance.     12See - Unitech's own MediaPlayer version   12See is a complementary Mediaplayer including extend codecs allowing play-back of videos recorded by a built-in camera.     12BT - Connect Bluetooth device   12BT provides a solution to skip the lengthy discover and connect process where you normally have to go through when connecting with a Bluetooth device by its defined BT Mac address. 12BT can scan a barcode containing the Mac address and then connect.     32WAN - Manage network connection   32WAN allows you to set up and connect to your network in  only three steps. 32WAN comes with an extensive set of samples based on user experiences. This makes integration of your application with Unitech devices as simple as that.     12CreateRAS - Create RAS connection   CreateRAS wil allow SIM-PIN and APN Name support on non WM Phone Edition terminals. CreateRAS utilizes the 32WAN to create RAS connection supporting user name, password, sim pin, authentication types and APN.     12Dailer - Phone calls by headset connection   Offers Phone features using 32WAN. Phone calls can be made by use of a headset connected to the terminal.     12Remap - (For PA690)   This tool offers PA690 users the possibility to remap any key to many kind of keys and functionalities.     AutoInstaller - Always correct settings   AutoInstaller allows easy maintenance of various configurations amongst several installations by running a small script. Use this tool when you want to be sure that a device is set and configured to the exact requirements for any unique end user requirement.     LoadUSIsettings - Reload scanner settings   Save valuable time by automatically reloading all of your saved scanner settings. Often used in conjunction with AutoInstaller, LoadUSIsettings again is a 12Solution that helps businesses to keep running in the most optimal way.     12Key-12KeyScan - Scann trigger   12KeyScan features any hardware key to become the barcode scanner trigger.     12Key-HideSIP - Will suppress any automated on screen input panel   HideSIP will suppress any automated on screen input panel (SIP) to pop-up. HideSIP can be useful for devices which are featuring a full hardware keyboard. This download also contains an application to toggle the input panel. This will allow software developers to control when the on-screen input panel will be visible (or not).     12Key-KeyRemap - Redefine keypad profile   When a keypad design is not ideal for the end user’s need, use KeyRemap. This solution allows you to redefine the keypad to any other key or key-sequences, including the function keys. Decide the ideal settings based on the user feedback from the field.     RFID2Key - RFID and barcode profiling   Make maximum use of the potential of RFID. RFID2Key eases the transfer of incoming data to the device’ keyboard buffer. It also allows easy setting of buttons to trigger a data capture action. Create the perfect profile for the end user situation. Workers will be more effective and love working with RFID.     PerformanceMonitor - Analyze/evaluate .NET coded applications   Performance Monitor is based Microsofts MSDN article (as referenced in the readme,txt of this download). The Performance Monitor can be used to analyze/evaluate the efficiency of .NET coded applications.     SerialPortTester - Unitech's Serial Port Tester   SerialPortTester is the Hyperterminal for mobile devices, perhaps even better. SerialPortTester can be used as primitive but very functional to validate any serial type communication. Like GPS.     12SetTime - Date and time synchronization   12SetTime syncs Date/Time of device. This application requires connection to internet. Unitech software solutions are making your choice to work with Unitech even more interesting, profitable and succesfull. More information about 12Solutions? Contact Unitech technical support for more information or login to your Unitech Partner Portal for additional information. @ T.   0031 13 460 9292