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Ring scanner

MS652 / MS652+
Wearable 2D Ring Scanner

unitech electronics today introduced the new 2D ring scanner to its industry-leading wearable portfolio: MS652 series, features wearable design that gives users freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free. The MS652 series is designed to streamline the workflow for a wide range of applications such as retail, logistics, field service and hospitality. Features • Lightweight and unique wearable ring design  • One push rotate design allows right and left hand operation switch easily  • Available to read 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes  • Bluetooth® 4.2, Class 1 wireless design with 100M operation range  • Rugged and durable design with IP42 and 1.5m drops  • Bluetooth® to NFC pairing : Easily pair to smart phones and tablets ( Including iOS/Android devices)  • Changeable and rechargeable battery pack.  • Full Shift Battery Life: Up to 13 Hours  • Mounted on two fingers to enhance the operation stability.  • Larger flash memory storage with 7.5 MB built-in USB drive (store up to store up to 590,000 of EAN13 codes)  • Easier scanner configuration, data access and firmware upgrade via built-in USB drive  

2D Wireless Ring Scanner

Looking for a light weighted, affordable 2D ring scanner to improve your productivity without stinging your budget? Unitech MS632 is designed to meet your expectations! Affordable 2D ring scanner The MS632 features a 2D imager inside which supports the most commonly used 1D and 2D barcode symbology, with appreciated performance. Above all, it is a budget friendly 2D ring scanner in the market. Ergonomic, light weighted, and easy charge design The MS632 is designed to meet the usage of a right- and left-handed person. The device is weighted to just 65 grams including the 1000 mAH battery inside. It is suitable for long hours of usage and allows the users hand to move normally.  The Micro-USB port allows the MS632 to be charged by the host device, it also features 2 pogo-pins for charging purpose’s. It can be simply dropped in and picked by the user to and from the dual-slot charging cradle; designed for MS632. Easy pairing and Communication! MS632 features wireless communications (HID&SPP). It gives a great compatibility with recently released smart devices; to legacy devices including Windows 7 and 8. Unitech also provides an easy-pairing APP to run on Android devices to enable the MS632 to be paired with the host device on-the-fly, by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the screen of the host device. The unique user defined key allows the user to designate a specific key (alphanumeric and symbolic characters) to it and to send to the user APP. This function can save user time from switching the scanner and physical keys on the host device; to improve their working productivity. Features • Single finger & light weighted design: Weighted to only 65 gm including 1000 mAH. • 2D barcode: Available to read 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes.  • Wireless communications (SPP and HID mode) • Pogo pins for charging: easy to recharge the unit by simple drop-in and pick-up. • User defined key: can user define key input for their application.  

Wearable CCD Ring Scanner

The MS650 wearable ring scanner is an ultra-light compact Bluetooth barcode scanner, allowing you to wear it on a finger to keep both hands free for easy movement scanning. This ring scanner can read 1D barcodes and it is designed to streamline the workflow for a wide range of applications such as warehouse, logistics, retail and inventory management.   Gaining freedom of movement and improving efficiency. The MS650 wearable ring scanner enables its operator to move products, packages, materials and proceed with their barcode reading tasks more efficiently, safely and comfortably.   Compact design for mobile operators Whether you prefer left or right-handed operation, the advanced ergonomic and lightweight design (20.5g) of the MS650, provides unrivalled freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks, comfortably while keeping both hands free. It’s all in the touch! The MS650 is designed with a dual touch-2-activate trigger button to activate the barcode reading. Whether you are wearing the MS650 left- or right-handed, just motion the touch-2-activate trigger button to read the barcode you wish to scan. A great feature to enhance control and flexibility, while increasing the operator satisfaction during multi-tasking. On-Screen Barcode Readability Featuring the high-speed decoder, paired with an aggressive scan engine, the MS650 reads 1D barcodes and offers accurate barcode capture of either on-screen (LCD), or printed barcodes. To ensure accurate aim at barcodes, the MS650 is equipped with a thin sharp class-1 laser aim.   Data Protection Accountability With the Bluetooth® HID interface of wireless Bluetooth® 4.1 technology, the MS650 is easy to pair with a smartphones and tablets (including iOS or Android system) without complex setting. The MS650 offers user the ability to operate around the clock productivity, during an entire busy 8-hour work shift. Flexible wireless connections and operations The MS650 is versatile with the advantage of conducting flexible data collection operations of both on-line wireless mode and off-line memory (Batch) mode, including multiple communication interfaces (BT HID/ USB HID/ USB VCP).   Features • Lightweight (only 20.5g) and unique wearable ring design – Comfortable Hands-free operation. • Flexible design: Dual touch-2-activate trigger button (for left- and right-handed operation) • Hands-free scanning with cordless freedom of movement • Easily to pair to smartphone and tablets (Windows, iOS and Android devices) via Bluetooth® 4.1 • Aggressive scan engine – Reads off 1D barcodes from screens • Rugged and durable design (IP42 and 1.5m drops) • Full shift battery life – Up to 8 hours