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Lector cableado

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Lector cableado

2D and Direct Part Marking

The Unitech MS842DPM is a high-end scanner which offers the maximum in data capture flexibility. This scanner is able to capture 1D, 2D and barcodes marked with the DPM technology.   DPM technology (Direct Part Marking) Direct Part Marking is a process that allows users to mark a barcode directly on an item instead of printing the barcode on a label, such as plastic and metal. There are three main technologies available for DPM: laser etched marking, dot peening and ink jet printing, with the intent to create a permanent identifier for the item. The permanent nature of the marking, assures that the item can be identified throughout its full life-cycle during the supply chain, even while being exposed to harsh environmental conditions. When it comes to identifying DPM parts throughout the manufacturing process, tracking your valuable assets though their lifecycle or quality control – the Unitech MS842DPM really gets the job done! The MS842DPM is the ideal solution for the Manufacturing, automotive, aeronautical, medical care, electronic equipment and healthcare markets, where assets are critical.   Reliable corded 1D, 2D and DPM scanning at a completive price! Great reading capabilities and durability The MS842DPM is designed to specifically address to scan-intensive and DPM applications. The high-performance imager is capable of scanning very fine marks (as 3 mils code 39 and 4 mils for PDF147 codes. The MS842DPM is built to last with unrivaled performance and quality. Featuring an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and a high 1.8M drop specification, this scanner is constructed to handle harsh environments. The long-life trigger is designed to withstand over 10 million scans and offers continuous productivity over a long period of time.   Lightweigt design It’s ergonomically designed, which features a comfort grip and light-weight (only 170 grams), makes the MS842DPM easy to operate over a longer period. In addition, by supporting trigger mode, presentation mode and DPM modes (for optimised decoding performance), this scanner can be used in the most practical way depending on the scanning task.   The flexibility of this MS842DMP scanner translates into increased productivity while keeping cost down. Features ‧ High performance engine & decoder (1280 x960 sensor and reads 1D, 2D and direct part marking (DPM) barcodes. ‧ Direct Part Marking (DPM) – reads laser-etched, dot peen and laser-inked marking. ‧ Durable and rugged design: Long life trigger design, 1.8m drop spec and IP42 housing protection. ‧ Ergonomic and lightweight (170g) design for operator comfort. ‧ Trigger and presentation mode for hands-free or handheld operation (stand optional). ‧ Easy to use. High visibility illumination (2x white LED’s). ‧ Supports reading various sized objects (60° skew/pitch angles).  

Wired MS84x ESD
1D: MS840 ESD / 2D: MS842 ESD

ESD Protection Like the Unitech MS840/MS842 line, the MS84x ESD (Electrostatic discharger) laser or imager is a high performance device but additional designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. unitech’s MS84X ESD-safe scanner is made by internal mixed way with antistatic agent to protect MS84X series to be ESD safe to be used at ESD protected area including its cable.  The body of the product and its cable can withstand ESD up to ohms per square and no containing of Chlorine material. The Internal mixed way can provide longer time of ESD protection than external addition way due to external additional anti-static in the latter part of the packaging or processing process was wiped away. Internal mixed antistatic agent can continue to add antistatic agent to the plastic surface, to make up the surface due to wipe and the amount of antistatic agent consumed. It is a reliable tool to streamline your workflow in manufacturing environments. Ergonomic, Durable Design The rugged MS84x ESD not only offers superior extended range performance and versatility for scan-intensive industrial applications, but also it can withstand multiple 1.8-meter drops to concrete. As one of the strongest scanners in its class, the MS84x ESD has an IP42 rating, safeguarding it from moisture and dust, and is capable of operating in diverse applications including retail, industrial and commercial services. Easy to Use The MS84x ESD supports USB or wireless connectivity. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS84x ESD is easy to install and operate with simple connecting the scanner to the host device. Moreover, User-friendly cable replacement capability minimizes downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership. MS84x ESD is available in 1D laser or 2D imager (wired or wireless). Features • ESD Coated Housing • High-performance laser engineered decoder • Supports 1D or 2D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort • Multiple scanning modes • Louder beeper for noisy environment operation • 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test • IP42-rated13

2D Area imager - Barcode Scanner

This Unitech MS842 combines efficiency, durability and reliability into a compact, lightweight handheld scanner. Supporting all common 1D and 2D barcodes, the MS842 can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications. Even the smallest high-density barcodes are fully supported with the Unitech MS842 HD option! Efficiency at the highest level With the seamless integration of its high-performance decoder and scan engine, the MS842 provides one of the most efficient scanning solutions in its class. It can be easily used in high demanding applications like event ticket scanning and security control, industrial shipment management, inventory management, etc. With an extended depth of field, wide scan angle and aggressive scan rate, the MS842 provides performance and reliability wherever it is used. Durability & low cost of ownership Accidents happen in every business setting, and the MS842 is ruggedly designed to perform under adverse conditions. With its durable construction, the MS842 can even withstand a 1.8 meter drop to concrete. So, if a worker happens to drop their scanner, they can pick it up and continue scanning without interruption. No downtime, no replacement, and no service needed. The MS842 also features an IP42-rated environmental seal against moisture and dust, and a long life trigger design that guarantees 10 million scans. Practical and compact Certain applications, such as medical inventory management, consist of very scan-intensive work circumstances. With the weight of just 210 grams, the MS842 is very user friendly and ideal for those tasks that require high volume scanning. The ergonomic and compact design reduces fatigue and ensures user comfort during periods of intensive scanning operations. With two operational modes, trigger mode and presentation mode, the MS842 simply allows users the freedom to do more. Features ‧ High performance and fast engine & decoder ‧ Supports all 1D and 2D barcodes and optional HD reader ‧ Long life trigger design ‧ Comfort and flexibility: trigger and presentation mode ‧ Durable rugged scanner: IP42 and 1.8 drop spec. ‧ High quality scanner with a laser based Aiming beam (Laser cross line) ‧ Lightweight: only 210 grams ‧ High reading distance and scan angle ‧ Auto-sensing mode for or energy saving and hands-free operation   Available versions ‧ Standard (SR) version - (USB or RS232) ‧ High density (HD) version - (USB or RS232)       More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope   Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype

2D Imager - Excelente rendimiento a un precio más que competitivo

MS842R 2D imager es la solución ideal para un amplio rango de aplicaciones y actividades industriales. Combinación de alto rendimiento, diseño ligero, resistente y duradero, y con opción de operar en distintos modos, a un precio muy competitivo. “MS842R disponible en USB/HID, USB/SPP. Soporta el protocolo OPOS.” Mejor rendimiento en su categoría (captura de datos superior) Al llevar incorporado un decodificador de alta velocidad y lector de alto rendimiento, el MS842R ofrece un resultado superior. Este lector soporta todos los códigos de barras 1D y 2D y cuenta con unas características extraordinarias tales como amplio rango de iluminación, high frame rate, y amplio ángulo de lectura oblicuo e inclinado. Todo ello se traduce en un alto nivel de eficiencia. Rápido y preciso, el MS842R está especialmente diseñado para cubrir un amplio rango de aplicaciones donde se desarrolla una lectura intensiva ( gestión inventario, gestión de almacén, control de entrada, verificación de acceso, etc. ) Diseñado para durar El lector MS842R está diseñado para resistir con un sellado IP42 y resistencia a caídas desde 1.8m. Su botón de disparo fabricado para soportar hasta 10 millones de usos garantiza su resistencia y productividad. Además, su ligereza, tan solo 170 gramos de peso, hacen de este escáner el compañero ideal para usar y transportar. Amplio rango de aplicaciones Capaz de leer un amplio rango de códigos: comunes, apilados, 2D matrix y postales, el MS842R es perfecto para uso en cualquier sector industrial y empresarial. Lo que se acentua gracias a su lectura mejorada bajo luz solar, y su capacidad de leer códigos mal impresos y sobre pantalla móvil. Sus modos operativos, disparo & presentación,, hacen de este lector el dispositivo perfecto para ser utilizado del modo más práctico dependiendo de la actividad. “MS842R con última tecnología state-of-art 2D imager, ofrece gran resultado sobre códigos 1D y 2D tanto en pantalla como sobre papel.” Características: • Precio competitivo con un alto rendimiento y 5 años de garantía • Soporta amplio rango de simbologías – incluídas 1D, 2D y PDF417 • Modo de lectura versátil para cubrir diversos entornos laborales. • Capaz de leer códigos mal impresos y directamente sobre pantalla móvil • Rápido y preciso, diseño ergonómico y fácil de portar • Robusto y duradero. IP42 y resistencia a caídas desde 1.8m • Regulaciones aprobadas: CE/ FCC/ VCCI/ BSMI

2D imager asequible & soporte manos libres incluído

¿ Busca un lector 2D imager de calidad, gran rendimiento y a un precio extraordinario ? Unitech MS338 está diseñado para cubrir todas esas necesidades. MS338 soporta todos los códigos 1D y 2D más habituales. Además, es capaz de leer códigos de barras de baja calidad o mal impresos, así como códigos sobre pantalla móvil ( incluídos códigos QR ) lo que sin duda le permitirá mejorar sus niveles de servicio.   El Unitech MS338 2D imager se presenta con un soporte manos libres incluído en la caja y 5 años de garantía estándar. Diseño ergonómico y duradero. Su diseño ergonómico y duradero permite un manejo cómodo y una adaptación perfecta a la mano del usuario, reduciendo cansancio o cualquier molestia durante actividades de lectura intensivas. Accidentes en el lugar de trabaja pueden ocurrir y es por ello que el MS338 está preparado gracias a su diseño resistente a soportar ese tipo de condiciones adversas. Con una resistencia a caída sobre hormigón desde 1.6 metros y sellado IP42 frente a polvo y humedad.   ¡Beneficios de un gran 2D imager a un precio extraordinario! Es momento de disfrutar los grandes resultados del MS338 2D imager a un precio súper competitivo. Mucho más competitivo incluso puesto que su presentación estándar incluye lector, cable USB, soporte manos libres y 5 años de garantía. El MS338 puede emplearse en infinidad de aplicaciones y mercados, tales como punto de venta, retail, almacén, restauración, logística, etc. Características: • All-in-one box, MS338 viene estándar con todo incluído en su caja: lector, cable USB, soporte manos libres y 5 años de garantía. • Gran 2D imager a un gran precio – excelente rendimiento • Soporta todos los códigos comunes 1D/2D, incluídos GS1. • Capaz de leer códigos mal impresos y desde pantalla móvil. • Diseño ergonómico • Múltiples modos de lectura. • Image auto-detection: modo manual y presentación. • Diseño duradero: 1.6 metros resistencia a caídas y sellado IP42

Rugged Handheld Laser Scanner

Acerca de Unitech MS840 Unitech fue fundado en Taipei, Taiwan, para proveer a los mercados locales sistemas automaticos para automatizar los procesos. Hoy fabrica una gran variedad de productos, incluyendo lectores de codigo de barras, lectores de tarjetas, terminales portatiles, y una variedad de teclados para el mundo entero. Acerca de Lectores Codigo de Barras Manejamos todos los los lectores de codigos de barras: CCD, imager, laser, raster, wireless RF, inalambrico, WiFi 802.11b, cordless, serial (RS232), PS2 keyboard wedge, industrial, handheld, wand, pluma, counter-top, in-counter. Todos aplican en la automatizacion de procesos tales como: capturas de inventario, entradas y salidas en almacen, tiendas departamentales, control en centros de distribucion, identificacion, punto de venta y retail. Disponibles en versiones de una dimension (1D), dos dimensiones (2D), CCD, Laser, Omni-Direccional, Inalambricos y con Memoria Integrada.   Funciones principales: High-performance laser engine and decoder Supports all 1D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort Multiple scanning modes Louder beeper for noisy environment operation 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test IP42-rated   Más información o peticiones especiales / ¿ Preguntas ? > Contáctenos vía email > Contacte con su responsable territorial, llámeme! > Llame a Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292

Affordable 1D laser with 5y warranty and hand-free stand included

The Unitech MS836 is the most cost-efficient 1D laser barcode scanner in the market. With excellent and reliable reading performance; the MS836 has the capability to easily read 3 mil 39 barcodes, including long labels up to 40 alphanumeric characters. A brilliant choice for various industrial application requirements.   The MS836 1D laser scanner comes with: Hands-free stand and 5-year no hassle warranty! In the AIDC 1D laser scanner range, auto-sensing option is very limited. Unitech is determined to go beyond market expectation and is committed to making your day-to-day business operation more convenient; making MS836 the perfect choice in increasing work efficiency, while meeting requirements for all industrial usage by supporting trigger mode, presentation mode and auto-sensing mode. Ergonomic and durable Design This ergonomic design makes the MS836 fit comfortably in any hand, reducing fatigue during long-time scanning tasks. Additionally, the MS836 features an IP42 rating and can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.5 meters, ensuring durability and reliability. Cost-effective 1D scanning solution It’s time to enjoy the great 1D scanning performance of the MS836 at a great competitive price! It becomes even more competitive since it comes standard with hands-free stand. The MS338 can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications such as: point-of-sale (POS), retail, warehousing, manufacturing to back-office environments.   The MS836 reads 3 mil barcodes and is designed to meet your 1D barcode scanning needs at great pricing! Features • All-in-one box; the MS836 comes standard with 1.9m USB cable, hands-free stand and 5-year no hassle warranty. • Quality 1D laser at great price! • Snappy performance; capability to easily read 3 mil 39 barcodes, including long labels up to 40 alphanumeric characters • Multiple scanning modes; supports trigger mode, presentation mode and auto-sensing mode • Supports print contrast reading up to 15% • Durable design: 1.5 Meter drop test and IP42-rated

1D laser scanner at affordable price!

Looking of 1D laser barcode scanner with great reading performance and offered at competitive price? The MS831 is the perfect choice at great price! The Unitech MS831 is a cost-efficient 1D laser barcode scanner. The MS831 meets the requirements for various industrial applications by supporting trigger mode, continuous mode and auto-sensing mode. Moreover, this scanner has the capability to easily read 3 mil 39 barcodes.   Excellent choice at EXTRA competitive price! The MS831 scanner comes with Hands-free stand. Cost-effective 1D scanning solution The MS831 can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications such as: point-of-sale (POS), retail, warehousing, manufacturing to back-office environments. It’s time to enjoy the great 1D scanning performance of the MS831. It becomes even more enjoyable as the MS831comes standard with hands-free stand and a 2m long USB cable.   Ergonomic and durable Design This ergonomic design makes the MS831 fit comfortably in any hand, reducing fatigue during long-time scanning tasks. Additionally, the MS831 features an IP52 rating and can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.5 meters, ensuring durability and reliability.   Enjoying 1D reading performance! Capable to read 3 mil barcodes, the MS831 is designed to meet your 1D barcode scanning needs.   Features • Comes with large 2m USB cable and hands-free stand. • Quality 1D laser at great price! • Multiple scanning modes; supports trigger mode, continuous mode and auto-sensing mode. • Capability to easily read 3 mil 39 barcodes. • Supply currents of 85 mA in active operation. • Durable design: 1.5 Meter drop test and IP52-rated

Long Range CCD Scanner

Unitech’s latest MS340 long range CCD scanner, has been enhanced to provide reliable scanning for rugged applications in field service, industrial production, warehouse and retail. Featuring industrial and military-standards, this affordable handheld scanner delivers unparalleled performance in harsh environments. Great way of designing The comfortable and ergonomic design of this scanner makes it easy to operate. MS340 is flexible to operate in multiple scan types: handheld mode and presentation mode.  Whether it’s picked up once an hour or used consistently for an entire shift, the MS340’s compact and lightweight form factor will prevent user-fatigue and simplify scan-intensive applications.  With upgraded features that MS340 offers a long range scanning capability to improve operator efficiency, it can be used in most practical way depending on the scanning task from retail point-of sale to transportation surroundings.  Superior data capture performance The MS340 is equipped with advanced scanning technology that provides a superior data capture performance to boost the scan speed up to 500 scans per second for incredible responsiveness.   The MS340 is easy to operate in dual modes: trigger mode and presentation mode.  This scanner can be used in the most practical way depending on the scanning task. For added flexibility a hands-free stand for the MS340 is also available.  The MS340 also supports maximum compatibility by reading major 1D barcode types including UPC, EAN and GS1 DataBar, as well as damaged or poorly printed bar codes. Rugged, reliable and affordable.  This barcode scanner is available in three different interface options; USB, keyboard wedge and RS232. The interface cables are easily interchangeable, making it suitable for a wide variety of computer systems. Easy plug-and-play installation means your team will be up and running in no time. Featuring an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and an impressive 1.5M drop specification to concrete, this scanner is built for durability into business workforce.  The MS340 scanner is a cost effective and reliable  scanner.  “The affordable MS340 is a high-performance CCD scanner with automatic smart detection, ideal for convenient in-stand counter scanning”. Features • Superior data capture performance: up to 500 scans/sec • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design with industrial standards • Versatile scanning modes: supports both manual and presentation scanning (easy reading with auto smart detection) • High-performance CCD engine: supports major 1D barcode types • Supported by Unitech Scanner Configuration Management: easy to setup and clone your preferred settings to multiple devices • Multi-interface communication : USB, K/W and RS232

1D Linear imager - Reliable and affordable

MS250 series Fiable y asequible l MS250 es un alto rendimiento y código de barras CCD del escáner asequible fiable que ofrece un excelente rendimiento de lectura de códigos de barras, incluso cuando están dañados o mal impresos. Su excelente rendimiento hace que este dispositivo ideal para una amplia gama de aplicaciones, tales como en el punto de venta, el procesamiento de documentos, la identificación de pacientes y gestión de inventario. Fácil de operar con un diseño fácil de usar El MS250 es fácil de manejar por su configuración plug-and-play, conectar el escáner rápido a un PC a través de USB. No hay necesidad de hacer ninguna instalación adicional. Con un peso de sólo 83grams, un diseño delgado y construido en un gran disparo, el MS250 es muy fácil de usar y garantiza el confort del usuario durante las tareas de lectura intensiva. Su tono audible integrada extra (90 dBA) confirma la retroalimentación positiva de decodificación, que ofrece una gran herramienta mientras se trabaja en ambientes ruidosos. Capacidades de escaneo agresivas El MS250 está enriquecida con un motor de detección de gran alcance para optimizar la eficiencia de captura de datos y acelerar el proceso. El apoyo a una profundidad de lectura de 90 mm, ancho 80 mm y su potente rendimiento de captura de 200 lecturas por segundo lectura, la MS250 aumentará la eficiencia y agilizar el flujo de trabajo de usuarios. Además de estar equipado con avanzada tecnología de escaneo, el MS250 mejora la compatibilidad máxima con la lectura de códigos de barras 1D tipos principales, incluyendo la simbología GS1, así como los códigos de barras dañados o mal impresos. Una solución excelente y asequible para las necesidades de digitalización 1D (Incluidos los símbolos GS1 DataBar). • Automatización de la oficina: Seguimiento de documentos • menor y al de la publicación: gestión de pedidos del producto • Clínica y Salud: La gestión del inventario y la medicación • Almacén: El control de inventarios Rentable y fiable El escáner MS250 media gama CCD es fiable y ofrece una opción rentable. Si bien este escáner de alto valor ofrece múltiples opciones de interfaz como la emulación de teclado (K / W), USB, RS232 y USB-VCOM, que es adecuado para una amplia variedad de mercados y aún a un precio asequible! Caracteristicas: • Alto rendimiento escáner 1D: lee los códigos de barras 1D incluyendo símbolos GS1 DataBar, escanea códigos de barras 200 por segundo. • Motor fiable: Soporta una resolución mínima de 3mil / 0,076 mm • Compacto, fiable y fácil de usar: un diseño elegante ligero, ergonómico y con el diseño de la nariz de goma dura para la protección unidad extra y la función antideslizante. • Fácil de integrar: la comunicación multi-interfaz: USB, RS232, K / W y USB-VCOM • opciones de color: azul oscuro o beige