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Linearer Imager-Scanner

Wireless Pocket CCD Scanner

The new MS912+ is part of Unitech’s latest generation of advanced wireless pocket scanners. To keep this scanner focused on our customer needs, the MS912+ 1D CCD pocket scanner offers excellent performance with super quick and long range properties. This scanner provides great data capture performance and boosts the scan speed, up to 650 scans per second. With the simplicity of its single-button scanning design, the MS912+ makes barcode data collection simple and reliable for all users. Outstanding performance The MS912+ features a high-speed decoder paired with an aggressive scan engine. This provides outstanding scanning performance up to 650 scans per second, capturing 1D barcode data with a 4 mil resolution and a scanning width up to 140mm. The scanner has capability to scan barcodes on the screen of mobile phone and it can automatically capture barcodes within its field of view in any lighting conditions from darkness to direct sunlight (100,000 lux). Above that, with its low power consumption, the MS912+ can easily read 6000 barcodes without the need to recharge. Easy pairing with wireless technology The MS912+ is compatible with most wireless devices, making it easy to pair with your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. With its ultra-compact dimension of only 72mm length, 30mm width and 20mm thickness, you can carry the MS912+ anywhere you need to go. It enables the enterprise to easily implement 1D scanning, where traditional scanners are limited, by size, mobility and/or price. Just enlarge your working area with the Unitech MS912 +. Moreover, this device is available to facilitate a data transfer from scanner to computer via USB port and it delivers the flexibility with the 10 meters operating range that helps users to improve efficiency in mobile work place. Extended Storage Capacity Beyond its versatility, the MS912+ can be used with an Auto-mode that ensures no data is lost while it is out of range of the wireless signal. In addition, the MS912M+ (memory version) provides additional support to store data in a Batch-mode. Equipped with 2MB of memory, equivalent to 20.000 scans, the MS912M+ allows users to complete their task without interruption and without losing any data. With a simple setting you can upload the data to the back-end system once your device gets back into range. Features: • Stylish and compact design • High performance CCD module ; reading rate up to 650 scans/sec. • Reading resolution from 5 mil density to 4 mil • Reading performance under direct sunlight;100,000 lux. • Support Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR technology (transmission range up to 10m). • Supports HID and SPP Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR connection • Windows, Android and Apple compatible • Easy toggle the iPhone/iPad touch keyboard with the iOS hotkey function • Low power consumption for long time mobile applications • Buffer mode while out-of-range (MS912M+ memory version only)

1D Linear imager - Reliable and affordable

MS250 series Reliable and affordable The MS250 is a reliable high performance and affordable CCD barcode scanner offering excellent reading performance even when barcodes are damaged or poorly printed. Its excellent performance makes this device ideal for a wide range of applications, such as point-of-sale, document processing, patient identification and inventory management. The MS250 is easy to operate with impressive scanning capabilities. Easy to operate with user friendly design The MS250 is easy to operate by its plug-and-play setup, connecting the scanner fast to a PC using USB. There is no need to do any additional installation. With a weight of only 83grams, a slim design and a built in large trigger, the MS250 is very user friendly and ensures user comfort during scan-intensive tasks. Its integrated extra loud beeper (90dBa) confirms positive decode feedback, offering a great tool while working in noisy environments. Aggressive Scanning Capabilities The MS250 is enriched with a powerful scan engine to optimize data capture efficiency and accelerating the process. Supporting a reading depth to 90mm, reading width to 80mm and its powerful capture performance of 200 scans per second, the MS250 will increase efficiency and streamline users workflow. In addition to being equipped with advanced scanning technology, the MS250 enhances the maximum compatibility by reading major 1D barcode types including GS1 dataBar symbology, as well as damaged or poorly printed bar codes. A great and affordable solution for 1D scanning needs (including GS1 DataBar symbols). • Office automation: Document tracking • Retail & Post: Product order management • Clinical & Healthcare: Inventory and medication management • Warehouse: Inventory control   Cost-effective and reliable The MS250 middle range CCD scanner is reliable and provides a cost-effective option. While this high value scanner offers multiple interface options like keyboard wedge (K/W), USB, RS232 and USB-VCOM, it’s suitable for a wide variety of markets and still at an affordable price! Features: • High performance 1D scanner: Reads 1D barcode types including GS1 DataBar symbols, scans 200 barcodes per second. • Reliable engine: Supports a minimum resolution of 3mil/0.076mm • Compact, reliable and user-friendly: Lightweight, ergonomic and stylish design with hard-rubber nose design for extra unit protection and anti-slip function. • Easy to integrate: Multi-interface communication: USB, RS232, K/W and USB-VCOM • colour options: Dark blue or beige   More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope    

1D Long Range CCD Scanner

Unitech erweitert das Sortiment mit einem neuen und zuverläßigem Long Range CCD Scanner, dem MS340. Der MS340 wurde designed für akkurates scannen bei Anwendung im Außendienst, der industriellen Produktion, im Lager oder auch im Einzelhandel. Dieser preiswete Scanner bietet Industrie und Mitilärstandards und eine unübertroffene Leistung in rauen Umgebungen. Herrausragendes Design Durch den komfortablen und ergonomischen design des Scanners ist dieser sehr einfach zu bedienen. Der MS340 in verschiedenen Scan-Moden benutzten werden, unter anderem im Praesentationsmodus. Der neue Unitech MS340 ist vielseitig einsetzbar, bei Anwendungen, bei welchen der Scanner nur selten benutzt wird aber auch geeignet fuer scanintensive Applikationen, durch seine Leichtigkeit und dem kompakten Formfaktor vereinfach er besonders scanintensive Anwendungen. Auch durch seinen integrierten Long Range Scanner wird Ihre Anwendung mit dem MS340 effizienter gestaltet, er kann angewendet werden im Einzelhandel bei Point-of-Sale Applikation, im Lager und vielen weiteren Umgebungen. Souveräne Datenerfassungs Leistung Unitech’s neuer Scanner ist ausgestattet mit einem fortgeschrittenen Long Range CCD Scan Engine, welcher eine souveräne Datenerfassung leistet und die Scangeschwindigkeit erhöht, bis zu 500 Scans/Sekunde. Der MS340 kann im Trigger Mode als auch im Praesentationmode bedient werden. Optimale Flexibilitaet koennen Sie erreichen in dem Sie Gebrauch von den Accessoires machen und zusaetzlich einen Hands-Free Stand benutzten. Der MS340B offeriert maximale Kompatibilität bei dem Lesen der bedeutendsten 1D Barcodes, inklusive UPS, EAN, ASCII und GS1 DataBar, auch werden beschädigte oder schlecht gedruckte Barcodes problemlos identifiziert. Robust, zuverlaessig und bezahlbar Dieser Barcode Scanner ist verfuegbar mit 3 verschiedenen Interface Optionen: USB, Keyboard Wedge und RS232. Die Interface Kabel koennen einfach und problemlos ausgetauscht werden und somit an jedem beliebigen Computer oder System angeschlossen werden. Strapazierfähig errichtet verfügt der MS340 über eine umgebungsfeste Abdichtung gemäß IP42 und einem beeindruckenden Fallschutz von 1.5m auf Beton. “Der MS340 ist fuer Jedermann bezahlbar und dennoch zuverlaessig und ausgestattet mit einem hervorragenden CCD Long Range Scan Engine.” Features: • Souveräne Datenerfassungs Leistung: bis zu 500 Scans/sec • Kompaktes, leichtes und ergonomisches Design gemaess industriellen Standards • Manuelles Scannen und Praesentationsmode warden unterstuetzt • Automatische Objekt und Barcode Erkennung • Hochleistungs CCD Scan Engine liest alle gaengigen 1D Barcodes • Unterstuetzt durch Unitech's Scanner Configuration Management: dies macht es einfach Ihren Scanner einzustellen und Ihre bevorzugten Einstellungen auf weitere Barcode Scanner zu uebertragen • Multi-interface communication: USB, K/W and RS232