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Pen & Slot Reader

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Delivering a reliable and compact magnetic stripe reading solution, MS242 reads up to 3 tracks of information when the card is swiped in either direction. The MS242 is the perfect MSR tool for applications such as point of sale, access control, banking, student ID and self-service applications. Reliable and Compact Design Enclosed in sturdy sheet-steel housings, MS242 is built with highest quality components for an extra smooth swipe. A unique dual-head design delivers the most convenience to the user and the reading head lasts longer than 1 million cycles and ensures the data is captured on every swipe. The entire unit is just 100mm long, about the length of a credit card. It supports three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction and over a large speed range. Smart Flexibility The MS242 is available to be connected to any PC or Mac via USB interface and it is programmable so that the data format and output can be configured to match application and communication requirements. Embedded 2 mounting holes with brass threaded inserts Velcro strips in its base, it is allowed to be mounted onto a counter or another flat surface. Moreover, an LED indicator turns red to alert the user of a decoding error. The Unitech MS242 is an intelligent, programmable magnetic stripe reader that provides a full functionality and value in a convenient package size. Features Bi-directional card swiping Support single, dual or triple track cards With data editing function Compatible with all popular computers Easily desktop or wall mounted Compact space-saving design