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2D Imager Scanner

2D Imager Scanner

Delivering the superior barcode scanning performance, the new unitech MS852+ 2D barcode scanner is suitable for a wide range of markets and applications, from mobile ticketing in airports, point-of-sale system or mobile coupons in retail store to industrial purpose manufacturing scanning. Increase Productivity with Superior Industrial Barcode Scanner Specially built for challenging work environment, the MS852+ is built in Megapixel barcode sensor that enhances the maximum compatibility to capture most 1D / 2D barcodes on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes and special barcode symbologies such as OCR on passport, Dot codes on tires or cigarette package, and Digimarc barcode on special retail packages. MS852+ also can automatically populate electronic forms in a single scan from US driver’s licenses or ID card. With its advanced barcode technology and durable design, the MS852+ handheld scanner is a highly reliable tool to increase productivity and efficiency. Intuitive and User-Friendly With excellent motion tolerance design, the MS852+ increased scan speed and operational effectiveness even while moving. Featuring an automatically switching function for best customer experience, the handheld device can be detected via sensor on the stand to switch auto-sensing mode or trigger mode. Equipped with a louder beeper and brighter LED indicators, the MS852+ allows users to recognize the feedbacks easily even in dark environment. Ultra-Durability While sustaining a 2.1 meter drop to concrete, MS852+ incorporated with IP42 rugged design for protection against dust and moisture. Moreover, the built-in long lifecycle trigger of 10 million times guarantees a continuous productivity for best reliability. This scanner can be used in the most practical way depending on the scanning task in various solutions in retail, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and government. Features Megapixel barcode sensor that enhances the maximum compatibility Support most 1D / 2D barcode on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes Support OCR, Dot codes, and Digimarc barcodes With excellent motion tolerance design suitable to read bar code while moving Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times. Auto switching function between trigger mode and auto-sensing mode with its stand Ultra-rugged design : IP42 and 2.1m drop spec Louder beeper and brighter LED indicators for easily recognizing feedbacks

MS282 2D Barcode scanner

The new Unitech MS280/MS282 are compact, trendy, and unique handheld scanners that offer customizable top casings to fit your business style. Its linear and two-dimensional barcode scanning technology works for a wide range of markets and applications, from point-of-sale systems, loyalty card and mobile coupons in retail store to general purpose hospitality scanning. Customize with your logo to fit your brand The MS280/MS282 handheld scanners bring you a stunning user experience with its stylish and sleek design. Unitech also offers a variety of custom branding services that allow users to change the top case to fit your business style. It can be print on your own Your company’s insignia can be printed directly on the device to enhance your business and brand value and catch customers’ eyes in retail stores. Intuitive and easy to use Featuring a compact size in an ergonomic housing, the MS280/MS282 handheld scanners are easy to hold and operate, just plug-and-play and connect it to your computer via USB cable. There is no need to do any additional installation or training, it’s ready to work. This device enhances the maximum compatibility by reading major 1D or 2D barcode types, and even reads damaged or poorly printed bar codes. Durability This rugged 1D or 2D barcode scanner is truly enterprise-ready. It features an IP42 environmental seal against moisture and dust and a 5-foot drop specification. The MS280/MS282 barcode scanner offers a presentation mode that allows you to scan barcodes automatically without pressing buttons. Alternatively, it can be used manually in trigger mode. With versatile capabilities, the MS280/MS282 is truly an elegant barcode scanner with high value. With the magnetic barcode scanner stand, it provides a simpler way to hold the MS282 that ensures longer service time. Built in versatile capabilities, the MS280/MS282 is truly an elegant barcode scanner with high value. Trendy atmosphere lighting design An integrated and modern lighting design on the MS280/ MS282 barcode scanner lends a delightful ambiance. The LED strip comes in light blue colors and varying brightness levels. This design fosters an elegant mood and enhances the branding level to your workforce. Features   •  Custom cover service to fit your business style    •  Built-in a trendy atmosphere light in an ergonomic housing   •  Magnetic hands free stand provides a simpler way to hold the MS282 that ensures longer service time   •  Durable rugged scanner: IP42 and 1.5M drop spec.   •  Versatile scanning modes: supports both trigger and presentation mode scanning   •  Reads most 1D (MS280), 2D (MS282)barcode types   •  Design for reading barcodes on mobile screens

2D Imager Scanner

The development of 2D barcode technology is more advanced than ever, making its mark in traditional and new industrial applications. 2D barcodes has brought the barcode decoding technology into a new beginning in the industry life cycle and it is showing positive changes in people’s lifestyle; making people’s life easier and more convenient in many ways. 2D barcodes are now more commonly used than ever and the demand is rapidly growing. Unitech MS846 2D barcode scanner is designed to be reliable and economical with excellent reading performance. Its lightweight and ergonomic design is perfect for long operating hours making it a brilliant choice for various working environments for 2D barcode scanning. MS846 allows ease of use with quick plug & play interface. The scanner undergoes strict laboratory and real-life working environment testing to ensure the durability and the ruggedness of the scanner. It features IP42 Rating and is capable of withstanding multiple drops to concrete from 1.5 meters, effectively fulfilling the industrial standard. It can read barcodes on various types of surface material; including wide-range of label and paper materials, mobile/computer screen and so forth. Its simple setups make it extremely easy for operators to quickly set up the scanner and get on with their working day, effectively increasing work efficiency. MS846 is the perfect choice for your business operation. Features Incorporating 2D imaging barcode scanning technology Rugged and durable design with IP42 rating & 1.5 meters drop protection to concrete USB or RS232 communication interface options Trigger Reading Mode/ Continuous Reading Mode / Screen Display Reading Mode Includes exclusively designed stand