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  • Q: Is the 48-hour comprehensive service coverage available in Canada?
  • No. The 48-hour comprehensive service coverage is only available for US customers.
  • Q: Are there international service centers?
  • In addition to our service center in Orange County, CA, Unitech America has service centers in Canada and Mexico. 
  • Q: The Scanner Configuration Manager software gets an error or won't connect to my device when trying to upload or download settings
  • Often times your antivirus software can block the USB filter used by the configuration software.  You can try disabling your software or running the configuration software on a PC that is not running an antivirus.  Also try configuring the software on a user account that has administrative privileges, or right-click the shortcut and select 'Run as Administrator'.  If these suggestions do not solve your problem, there are other ways to configure your scanner.  You can download the manual from the product's download page here on our website.  The manual will contain configuration barcodes that you can scan to reconfigure your scanner.  You can also modify any settings within the Scanner Configuration Manager software and select 'Settings > Print into Barcode' from the menu bar.  This option will send a configuration sheet of barcodes to your printer.  When you scan those barcodes from top to bottom, your scanner will be reconfigured with the settings modified within the software.
  • Q: The user receiving a call from my PA600 Phone Edition hears my voice very loudly
  • Some PA600 Phone Edition devices may have the wrong audio profile set with their device.  To correct this issue, please download the hotfix from our FTP site at ftp://ftp.ute.com/Support/PA600/Release/Misc/unit_MC75i.zip and follow the instructions included in the zip file.
  • Q: What if the device I purchased has a defective battery?
  • 1) You will need to submit an RMA request on Unitech’s web site or by calling the Unitech Support Engineer (SE) Team.
    2) The request will need to be verified and approved for warranty eligibility and Unitech’s clean record* policy.
    3) Within 48 hours of the RMA approval, Unitech’s Support Engineer Team will ship out the main battery replacement to you along with a prepaid shipping label (with an RMA number written on the label).  
    4) You will receive the battery replacement and prepaid shipping label, allowing you to send the defective battery back to Service using the prepaid shipping label.
    * Clean Record: Customer has previously requested a battery advance replacement and has returned all defective batteries.

  • Q: What if the Unitech device I purchased in the last 30 days is Dead on Arrival (DOA)?
  • 1) You will need to submit an RMA request on Unitech’s web site or by calling the Unitech Support Engineer (SE) Team.
    2) The SE member will assist you over the phone.
    3) If the symptom cannot be corrected by phone support, and the product has been confirmed as received within the last 30 days, the case will be classified as DOA.
    4) The Unitech SE will then ask you to ship the product using FedEx ground shipping back to Unitech, using our standard RMA policy and Unitech's shipping account number. 
    5) You must notify the Unitech SE working on the case and give the FedEx Tracking number of the defective product. 
    6) After the tracking number is received by the SE and verified as “shipped” through the FedEx web site, Unitech will overnight a new product to you, stock permitting, at no cost.
  • Q: What if my Unitech device needs to be repaired?
  • 1) Contact Unitech with any issues or questions regarding your device.
    2) If a Unitech Technical Support Engineer determines repair is necessary, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number will be issued.
    3) After you have received your RMA number, package the device(s) properly for safe shipping and send to Unitech’s Repair Center in California using FedEx ground shipping.
    4) When Unitech receives the device(s), all repairs will be completed and returned within the time frame specified under you coverage plan, 48-Hour or 5-Day. If expedited shipping is needed, provide Unitech with a shipping account number and instructions on the type of shipping required.
  • Q: How do I check what Access Point I'm currently connected to?
  • 1) Double tap the network icon on the tool bar (for network connection)
    2) The wireless properties will come up and you'll see a button for "LOG"
    3) Click "LOG" and a list will pop up. At the bottom will show you what AP your device is currently connected to or what your wireless card is currently doing.

  • Q: How do I setup my Wireless Connection?
  • (a) Insert Card while device is on
    (b) Wireless setting should pop up automatically
    (c) Otherwise Cisco Settings availableunder WindowsACU.exe
    (d) All other cards settings under Start, Settings a Control Panel, Wireless Settings

  • Q: Will it support Remote Desktop Client?
  • Windows CE 5.0 Core does not support Remote Desktop connection. It will support thin clients, such as Naurtech and PowerNet.

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