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Public Sector
The public counts on their government agencies for vital services and programs. To better serve and protect the public, government organizations at every level (federal, state, local) require technology they can depend on.
Data collection solutions must meet a wide range of security regulations to properly integrate into a government process. Unitech America can help organizations meet important security protocols (such as FIPS compliance) by removing radio, Bluetooth, and camera components in-house. Mobility solutions, including tablets and handheld computers, are carefully customized for government use in our Orange County, California facilities, ensuring greater precision and quality. This service is available for both small and large quantity roll-outs.
Unitech barcode scanners, mag stripe readers, and rugged handheld computers are also available on the GSA calendar for federal projects. Our data collection solutions have been approved for government purchase.
Simplify data collection in the field and watch your organization run more smoothly while reducing costs across the board. 

  • Public Safety & Law Enforcement

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Voting